Health (EDHL)

EDHL 5318  Cardiovascular Health  3 SCH  (3-0)  

Examines the physiology of the cardiovascular system and cardiovascular disease, including prevention, medication, and rehabilitation.

EDHL 5319  Drug Education  3 SCH  (3-0)  

Prescription and non-prescription drugs, their action in the body, their benefits and abuse potential.

EDHL 5320  Curr Issues in Global Health  3 SCH  (3-0)  

Viruses, antibiotic resistant bacterial diseases, environmental health issues, genetically modified foods, social health issues, and other current global health concerns.

EDHL 5322  Seminar in Selected Topics  3 SCH  (0-3)  

Contemporary issues are identified and analyzed through intensive investigation. Examples of topics include human sexuality, drug education, family abuse and AIDS. May be repeated for credit as topics change.