Animal Science (ANSC)

ANSC 5305  Graduate Research Project  3 SCH  (3)  

Designed for project option students and requires completion of research project. Prerequisite: departmental approval. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 semester hours.

ANSC 5306  Thesis  3 SCH  (3)  

Designed for thesis option students. The course requires completion of thesis research. Prerequisite: departmental approval. May be repeated for maximum of 6 semester hours.

ANSC 5307  Physiol of Mammalian Reprod  3 SCH  (3-0)  

Comprehensive in-depth study of reproductive physiology and endocrinology with primary emphasis on domestic and laboratory animals. Prerequisites: ANSC 3313/BIOL 3408 or equivalent, and 9 semester hours of chemistry/biochemistry.

ANSC 5333  Mammalian Endocrinology  3 SCH  (3-0)  

Survey of the endocrine system including endocrine glands and hormones which regulate energy metabolism, water and electrolyte balance, growth and reproduction. Prerequisites: ANSC 4303 or equivalent and 9 semester hours of chemistry/biochemistry.

ANSC 5335  International Animal Agric  3 SCH  (3-0)  

Students will acquire practical knowledge on international trends and developments in animal agriculture production, on small livestock as an increasingly important global source of food and on how to design and execute projects targeted at the rural poor.

ANSC 5336  Envir Physiology of Animals  3 SCH  (3-0)  

Principles of domestic animal and wildlife adaptation to tropical and sub-tropical environments. Areas of emphasis will include bioclimatology, physiological temperature regulation mechanisms and nutritional, reproductive and genetic adaptation. Prerequisite: ANSC 4303 or equivalent.

ANSC 5337  Ruminant Nutrition and Physiol  3 SCH  (3-0)  

Anatomy, physiology, microbiology and nutrient metabolism of the rumen. Prerequisites: ANSC 4307 and CHEM 2421.

ANSC 5338  Monogastric Nutrition  3 SCH  (3-0)  

Digestion and absorption of nutrients in monogastrics to include human, poultry and swine. Emphasis on vitamin and trace mineral nutrition. Prerequisites: ANSC 4307 and CHEM 2421 or equivalent.

ANSC 5351  Advn Range Livestock Productn  3 SCH  (3-0)  

This is an interdisciplinary course studying modern beef cattle production, breeding genetics, reproductive physiology, nutrition and economics.

ANSC 5390  Advanced Studies in Animal Sci  3 SCH  (3)  

Material offered is determined by the needs of the students. Laboratory and lecture vary according to the subject needs. May be repeated once under a different topic.

ANSC 5395  Advanced Probs in Animal Sci  1-3 SCH  (1-3)  

Independent work that may include a laboratory or field problem. Variable credit dependent upon the problem; may be repeated for a total of 6 semester hours. Prerequisite: approval of a staff member who will supervise the problem.

ANSC 5399  Research Topics  1-9 SCH  (1-9)  

This course is specifically designed for Plan I students. Required during the research, data analysis, and initial writing stage. Grading for the course will be S for satisfactory or U for unsatisfactory.

ANSC 6335  Quantitative Genetics  3 SCH  (3-0)  

Quantitative methodologies for altering the genetic properties and/or achieving genetic progress in domesticated and natural animal and plant populations. Application of genetic software packages.