Bilingual Education (EDBL)

EDBL 0000  Comprehensive Exams  0 SCH  (0-0)  

EDBL 3308  Survey Bilingual Educ  3 SCH  (3)  

Educational, psychological, historical and linguistic foundations of bilingual education; principles of learning relevant to bilingual-bicultural groups. Prerequisites: Admission to Educator Preparation Program; SPAN 1313, SPAN 1314, or two approved Spanish Courses.

EDBL 3320  Tests and Meas in Bilg and ESL  3 SCH  (3)  

Assessment instruments and strategies used in local, state and national systems for culturally and linguistically diverse students. Development and assessment of literacy and biliteracy; formal and informal assessment of language proficiency for Bilingual and ESL classrooms. Prerequisite: Admission to Educator Preparation Program.

EDBL 3325  Teach English Language Learner  3 SCH  (3)  

How to adjust the curriculum for English Language Learners by applying language, literacy and learning theories to instruction in the first and second languages. Strategies for developing literacy in English by using the student's primary language. Prerequisite: Admission to Educator Preparation Program.

EDBL 3347  The Bilingual Student  3 SCH  (3)  

The study of the bilingual child and factors which influence his scholastic progress in school. These factors include: socio-cultural, cognitive, physical and socio-economic financial aspects. In addition, this course will also focus on environmental, community and parental involvement contributions to the child?s success in school. Prerequisite: admission to teacher education.

EDBL 3348  Teach the Curriculum in Span  3 SCH  (3)  

Methods and techniques of content-area instruction in Spanish for the bilingual child, using the first and second lanugage to build curriculum in language arts, social studies, science, mathematics, music and art. Preparation for the Bilingual Target Language Proficiency Test (BTLPT) - Spanish. Prerequisites: Admission to Educator Preparation Program; SPAN 1313, SPAN 1314, or two approved Spanish courses.

EDBL 4307  Advance Problems in TESL  3 SCH  (0-3)  

Major approaches of second language acquisition. Special materials and methods of instruction for the linguistically different child. Emphasis on organization, curriculum development and usage of learning techniques for teachers of English as a Second Language and of Bilingual Education.

EDBL 4316  Literacy Dev Engl Lang Lrnrs  3 SCH  (3)  

Social, cultural, and linguistic factors that affect student literacy. Designing literacy plans to meet diverse needs of students. Adjusting curriculum to support English Language Learners. Includes English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS). Prerequisite: Admission to Educator Preparation Program.

EDBL 4354  Applied Linguistics  3 SCH  (3)  

Linguistic structures and the relationships found in first and second language learning; educational implications in public school classrooms; dialects and cognitive development of language. First and second language acquisition theories for English Language Learners. Prerequisite: Admission to the Educator Preparation Program.