List of Course Prefixes

The following are the keys to the prefixes used with the course numbers:

Prefix Course
ACCT Accounting
ADED Adult Education
AEEN Architectural Engineering
AGBU Agribusiness
AGRI General Agriculture
AGSC Agriculture Science
ANSC Animal Science
ANTH Anthropology
BAAS BAAS Credit Only
BCOM Business Communications
BIOL Biology
BUAD Business Administration
CEEN Civil Engineering
CHEM Chemistry
CHEN Chemical Engineering
COMM Communications
COMS Speech
CRIJ Criminal Justice
CRIM Criminology
CSDO Communication Sciences and Disorders
CSEN Computer Science
CULS Cultural Studies
ECON Economics
EDAD Educational Administration
EDBL Bilingual Education
EDCG Counseling and Guidance
EDEC Early Childhood
EDED Education
EDHL Health
EDKN Kinesiology
EDLD Educational Leadership
EDRG Reading (Education)
EDSE Special Education
EDSL English as a Second Language
EEEN Electrical Engineering
ENGL English
ENVS Environmental Science
EVEN Environmental Engineering
FINC Finance
FREN French
GEEN General Engineering
GEOG Geography
GEOL Geology
HDFS Human Development and Family Studies
HIST History
HMNT Human Nutrition
HSCI Human Sciences
IEEN Industrial Engineering
IMEN Industrial Management
INRW Integrated Reading and Writing
ISYS Information Systems
ITEN Industrial Technology
MATH Mathematics
MEEN Mechanical Engineering
MGMT Management
MHEN Mechatronics Engineering
MKTG Marketing
MRCH Merchandising
MUSA Music (Applied)
MUSI Music
NCBI Non-Course Based Option Integrated Reading/Writing
NCBM Non-Course Based Option Math
NCBR Non-Course Based Option Reading
NCBW Non-Course Based Option Writing
NGEN Natural Gas Engineering
PHIL Philosophy
PHYS Physics
PLSS Plant and Soil Science
POLS Political Science
PSYC Psychology
RAMT Ranch Management
ROTC Military Science
RWSC Range and Wildlife Science
SCWK Social Work
SOCI Sociology
SPAN Spanish
STAT Statistics
SWBS Southwest Borderlands Studies
THEA Theatre Arts
UNIV University Student Success
VETT Veterinary Technology
WGST Women and Gender Studies
WSCI Wildlife Science
WMST Women's Studies