Geography (GEOG)

GEOG 1101  Phys Geography Meteorology Lab  1 SCH  (0-2)  

A laboratory experience that focuses on laboratory techniques, data collection and analysis. The experience reinforces and promotes greater understanding of concepts of meteorology presented in GEOG 1301. Prerequisite: credit or registration in GEOG 1301.

Fee: $5.00

GEOG 1102  Phys Geog Climate and Mankind  1 SCH  (0-2)  

A laboratory experience that focuses on laboratory techniques, data collection and analysis. The experience reinforces and promotes greater understanding of concepts of climatology and its effect on human civilization, as presented in GEOG 1302. Prerequisite or corequisite: GEOG 1302.

Fee: $5.00

GEOG 1301  Physical Geography Meteorology  3 SCH  (3-0)  

Earth motions and their meanings; system of location and time; composition and structure of the earth's atmosphere. Meteorology and weather prediction, including storms. Air pollution meteorology. Field trips will be arranged.

GEOG 1302  Phy Geog Climate and Mankind  3 SCH  (3-0)  

Climatic classification, types and world regions. Climatic change, fluctuations and their effects on human ecology (e.g., droughts). Agricultural and urban climatology. Microclimates. The distribution of soils and natural vegetation as related to climate. Field trips will be arranged.

GEOG 1303  World Geography  3 SCH  (3-0)  

Major geographic regions of the world. Landscapes and peoples of continents; major culture realms and nations, resources, land-use and industries. Contrasts between developed and emerging nations.

GEOG 2472  Intro to Geographic Info Sys  4 SCH  (3-3)  

Principles and experience of Geographic Information Systems. Acquisition, management, processing, and interpretation of geographic data. Spatial data structure and the display, manipulation, and analysis of geographic data. Field trip required. Field trip fee required. Prerequisite: 3 hours of natural science or permission of instructor. Field Trip Fee required.

Fee: $40.00

GEOG 3302  Intro to Broadcast Meteorology  3 SCH  (3-0)  

Principles and practice of broadcast meterology, a joint effort of the Department of Physics and Geosciences and Department of Communication and Theatre Arts. Introduction to television weather broadcasting with emphasis on creating accurate forecasts and on the techniques of communicating weather information to the public. Prerequisites: GEOG 1301 with GEOG 1302 recommended.

GEOG 3305  Environmental Geography  3 SCH  (3-0)  

The nature, geographic distribution, use and misuse of global resources with emphasis on those of North America. Ecosystems, air, water, soil, mineral and energy resources will be considered. Prerequisites: 3 semester credit hours of Geography or a science course (see General Education Requirements natural sciences component).

GEOG 3310  World in Chg Crucial Topics  3 SCH  (3-0)  

Intensive study of the geography of selected world "crisis" regions. Examples include the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa and the former U.S.S.R. and Eastern Europe. May be repeated for credit as the topic changes. Prerequisite: 6 semester hours of geography or 12 semester hours of social sciences.

GEOG 3331  United States and Canada  3 SCH  (3-0)  

The regional aspects of landforms, climate, resources and peoples of United States and Canada. Prerequisite: 6 hours of geography or 12 hours of social science.

GEOG 3421  Geomorphology  4 SCH  (3-3)  

Description, classification and quantitative analysis of landforms and surface processes in relation to human development. Regional physiography of the United States and topographic map interpretation. May be used as geology credit. Field trip required. Field trip fee required. Prerequisite: GEOL 1302/GEOL 1102 or GEOL 1303/GEOL 1103, MATH 1316. Field Trip Fee will be required.

Fee: $5.00
Fee: $40.00

GEOG 3450  Field Mapping Cartography  4 SCH  (3-3)  

The principles and practice of plane surveying and the global positioning system (GPS) and their interface with geographic information systems (GIS). Basic principles of cartography and use of cartographic tools and software. Management of cartographic data and GPS data. Local field trips required. Field trip fee required. Prerequisite: MATH 1316 or MATH 1324. Field Trip Fee will be required.

Fee: $5.00
Fee: $40.00

GEOG 3460  GIS in Nat Res and Envir Mgmt  4 SCH  (3-3)  

GIS and other geospatial technologies (including GPS and remote sensing) as applied to natural resources and environmental management. Technologies and techniques used to acquire geographic information, spatial data and location analysis, and applications of geospatial technology within the natural and environmental sciences. Case studies, labs, and field exercises. Prerequisite: GEOG 2472 (preferred), or six hours of physical or life science, or permission of instructor.

GEOG 3470  Quant. Methods in Geography  4 SCH  (3-3)  

Quantitative methods commonly used to describe, characterize, model, and analyze geo-spatial data. Geographic data description and summary, used of interential statistics as exploratory and descriptive tools, different spatial statistics to explore geographic patterns, geographical correlation analysis, and geo-spatial regression analysis. Prerequisite: junior standing.

GEOG 4305  Geographic Research Methods  3 SCH  (3-0)  

Review of scientific techniques used in geographic research, independent review of literature, and a research problem yielding a formal report on the research. Prerequisites: senior standing and 12 hours of Geography and Geology.

GEOG 4420  Spec Topics in Geoscience  1-4 SCH  (1-4)  

Concepts, developments or discoveries in geography. May be repeated for a maximum of six semester hours credit. Prerequisite: 12 semester hours of geography and/or geology.

GEOG 4429  Advanced GIS  4 SCH  (3-3)  

Advanced techniques and applications of Geographic Information Systems. GIS data structure and conversions, advanced spatial analysis, data visualization, hydrological modeling. Basic and intermediate GIS programming for customizing and manipulating GIS applications. May be used as a geology credit. Prerequisite: GEOG 2472 or permission of instructor.

GEOG 4435  Remote Sensing  4 SCH  (3-3)  

The technology and interpretation of aerial photography and satellite imagery, including multi-spectral, thermal and radar images. Digital image processing using a raster geographic information system. Applications of remote sensing and guided projects in areas of student interest. May be used as a geology credit. Prerequisite: MATH 1314 and 6 hours of science, engineering or agriculture.

Fee: $5.00

GEOG 4436  Advanced Remote Sensing  4 SCH  (3-3)  

Advanced topics in remote sensing. Recently emerged remote sensing systems, including high-resolution multi-spectral imaging systems, thermal remote sensing and airborne LiDAR remote sensing systems. Cutting-edge remote sensing data processing and analysis techniques. May be used as Geology credit. Prerequisite: GEOG 4435 or equivalent.

GEOG 4441  GIS for Business  4 SCH  (3-3)  

GIS and spatial analysis applied to organizations. Geographic information, locational decision-making, spatial data, investment in and value of GIS, ethical aspects, and GIS strategies. Case studies and lab practice with spatial data. Prerequisite: GEOG 2472.