Music - Education Concentration, M.M.

Core Curriculum

MUSI 5301Intro to Research in Music3
MUSI 5305Graduate Research Project3
MUSI 5309Musicology Seminar1-3
MUSI 5318Advanced Analysis3
MUSI 5350Music Technology3
MUSI 5394Foundations of Music Educ3
Total Semester Credit Hours16-18

Secondary Music Education Specialization - Instrumental 

MUSI 5312Hist and Lit of Wind Band3
MUSI 5316Advanced Percussion Techniques3
MUSI 5368Advanced Woodwind Techniques3
MUSI 5376Advanced Brass Techniques3
MUSI 5398Advanced Conducting3
Select one of the following:3
Marching Band Techniques
Applied Lessons
Total Semester Credit Hours18

Secondary Music Education Specialization-Vocal

MUSI 5310Vocal Literature3
MUSI 5311Choral Literature3
MUSI 5370Vocal Pedagogy3
MUSI 5372Intro to Kodaly Method3
MUSI 5398Advanced Conducting3
MUSA 5XXApplied Lessons3
Total Semester Credit Hours18

Elementary Music Education Specialization

MUSI 5365Assessment and Evaluation3
MUSI 5372Intro to Kodaly Method3
MUSI 5369Introduction to Orff Schulwerk3
MUSI 5375Early Childhood Music and Move3
EDED 5XXX (two courses)6
Total Semester Credit Hours18