English Language Training Center

David Gohre, Student Outreach Advisor and Instructor
Cousins Hall Room 219
English Language Training Center Webpage 

The English Language Training Center (ELTC) at Texas A&M University-Kingsville offers intensive Language Training instruction to international students and individuals seeking to enhance or develop their English speaking skills. Students of ELTC may wish to improve their English for personal, professional, or academic purposes. To that end, the Center promotes language acquisition through immersion in an English-speaking environment and by interacting with native speakers in social events/organizations, campus life, and extra-curricular activities that are important aspects of American life and culture. 

Intensive English Instruction 

ELTC offers an intensive English language program composed of fifteen-week sessions. This program is offered to students with academic goals as well as for their personal or professional goals. Classes are held five hours a day from 9am to 3pm, Monday through Thursday and three hours, from 9am to 12pm on Fridays. The curriculum is based on a holistic approach” where classes in reading, writing, listening and speaking are integrated and interconnected together to better understand how these elements relate to each other. Classes are based on the following language fluency levels: 

  1. Novice  
  2. Intermediate: Low and High Levels 
  3. Advanced: Low and High Levels 

Local and out of town field trips as well as cultural and co-curricular activities are organized for the students. 

Language Training for Admission to Academic Programs 

ELTC works closely with both Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions through English language instruction, individual and group tutoring, as well as English language testing. Based on Texas A&M University-Kingsvilles Admission policy, international students who are academically qualified but do not meet the Universitys required level of English proficiency, may be admitted to ELTC for English language instruction. For admission to the College of Graduate Studies, completion of the Center's advanced level of instruction with a 90% or higher is required.  For admission as an undergraduate, completion of the Center's advanced level of instruction with an 85% or higher is required. The Office of Graduate Admissions also refers some of its foreign-born domestic students to ELTC for English language testing to ensure their success in their chosen program of study at the Graduate level. 

ELTC Tutoring Services 

ELTC offers private tutoring services to international students and professionals from the community. Individual and group tutoring is offered to international students currently attending Texas A&M University-Kingsville. In partnership with the College of Engineering – JESSC Program, ELTC also offers tutoring to its students needing English proficiency training assistance. 

ELTC Civics Program 

The Center, through its Civics Program, provides language instruction to the community-at-large. The program is available for all members of the community who wish to become American citizens and to anyone wishing to improve their language skills. Instruction will be two-fold: there will be English language instruction and instruction in Civics and the citizenship process. 

Fast Track” Language Proficiency Program 

For students who have been admitted to ELTC with the intention of matriculating to the University, ELTC offers a Fast Track Program. Students who have been placed in the intermediate or advanced level of instruction can complete a semesters course load in just 8-9 weeks through this accelerated program. Those who successfully complete the Program will be awarded a Certificate of Completion and are eligible for full admission to Texas A&M University-Kingsville. 

Distance Learning Language Proficiency Program 

To meet the needs of 21st century students, ELTC is also offering Distance Learning. The Distance Learning Program is targeted to students in countries for whom there are problems obtaining an F1 visa. Students who choose Distance Learning can still have the immersion experience from the comfort of their own home and they have the option of coming to Texas A&M University-Kingsville and meet up with their virtual” colleagues for a week during the Summer.