Student Employment

Student employment is available for students who want to supplement their educational resources through part-time employment; two types of services are offered. The Federal/State College Work-Study program is for those students who qualify for financial aid and is administered through the Office of Student Financial Aid. The Part-Time program is for students who do not qualify or apply for financial aid. The Part-Time program is administered through the Career Services Center.

Federal/State College Work-Study

Texas A&M-Kingsville receives allocations from the federal government and the State of Texas to provide on- and off-campus student employment opportunities. Work-study students work anywhere between 15-19 hours per week depending on their awarded allocation. Students who request work study on their FAFSA and meet the established deadlines are given priority to receive the award. Students who are enrolled at least half-time status, are citizens or permanent residents of the United States, have demonstrated financial need, are maintaining satisfactory progress, are not in default on any student loan made through or approved by an institution and who do not owe a refund on any grant previously received are eligible for the program. When the semester term begins and during the school year, jobs are posted on the Career Services Center website ( Awarded students will be able to register as a job seeker and search the available job postings to find work-study employment. Texas A&M-Kingsville recommends that students secure a work-study job, which will compliment and reinforce their professional and personal maturity goals. Students must have been awarded and accepted the Work-Study award before being referred for an interview. Acceptance of the Work-Study award is not a promise of a job; it establishes eligibility. Once students provide a copy of their financial aid award letter and meet the job requirements (if any), they can apply for the job. At that time the department will contact the student for an interview. Continuation in the job depends on availability of funds and the student’s job performance. Previous work-study employment does not guarantee continued employment in the program.

Part-Time Student Employment

The University offers part-time employment to a number of students in various offices and departments. Student employment on a part-time basis is limited to 19 hours per week. Part-time employment is administered through the Career Services Center, where students must register as a job seekers in order to be able to search for available jobs on- or off-campus jobs.

**Please note that information in the preceding section on Financial Aid is subject to change. For current information, please refer to the Financial Aid Webpage.