Nuclear Engineering, Minor

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Requires students to complete 4 engineering elective courses, at least 3 of them must be selected form the following courses: 112
Comp App in Nuclear Engr
Therm Hydr of Nuclear Reactors
Fund. of Nuclear Engineering
Intro to Nuclear Power Plants
Nuclear Environment Protection
In addition, students must also complete 3 of the following courses: 19
Chem Eng Thermodynamics I
Thermal Analysis
Heat Transfer
Heat Transport Phenomena
Fluid Mechanics
Fluid Transport Phenomena
Hydraulic and Fluid Mechanics
Fluid Transport Phenomena
Control of Systems
Strength of Materials
Circuits and Electrmag Devices
Engineering Economy
Engr Economic Analysis I
Digital Logic Design
Microprocessor Systems
Materials Science
Total Semester Credit Hours21

With a grade of C or better in each.