Institute for Architectural Engineering Heritage

James Glusing, Director
Engineering Complex Room 376

The Institute for Architectural Engineering Heritage (IAEH) was established in 2013 with the mission of documentation and preservation of significant examples of the planned, built and virtual environment important to the history and heritage of Texas and its communities through assessment, digitization, publication and planning. The Institute provides multi-disciplinary support for heritage and cultural projects including engineering, architecture, geosciences, urban planning, art and history. IAEH projects are conducted by Texas A&M University-Kingsville students. Faculty provide instruction, mentorship and a framework for operation. The program is designed to develop marketable skills and give real world experience to participating students in engineering, architecture, history, planning and media production.

In support of various missions of the academic and research programs which make up its constituency, the IAEH: 

  • Conducts research and significantly contributes to the well-being and sustainable development of communities and industries in South Texas, the state of Texas, and the nation; and
  • Provides meaningful service to the profession and the communities that surround us.