Cyber Intelligence, Minor

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Cybersecurity is critically important in today's digital age as it affects the daily lives of people, governments, and the private sector at the regional, national, and international levels. The Cyber Intelligence minor program is designed to teach students the advanced tools and techniques that are essential to combating cyber-based attempts to undermine critical infrastructure, steal intellectual property, engage in espionage, and threaten governments around the world. This will supply students with the knowledge required to become valuable members of the cybersecurity workforce or continue with advanced studies. 

The Cyber Intelligence minor will appear on TAMUK's official transcript as the evidence of participation in and completion of the program. 

Admission Requirements

The Cyber Intelligence minor program is open to all students pursuing a bachelor level degree in Computer Science or any STEM related field with a GPA or 2.5 or higher. 

Course Requirements

In order to qualify for the minor, students need to complete three core courses (9 credits hours): CSEN 2304CSEN 4372, and CSEN 4370.

In addition, students must also complete three elective courses (9 credit hours) from any of the following:

CSEN 4340Computer Security3
CSEN 4385Digital Forensics3
CSEN 4380Artificial Intelligence3
CSEN 4375Machine Learning3
CSEN 4360Cloud Computing3
CSEN 4367Data Mining3