Standards for Material Testing, Characterization and Applications, Certificate

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A transcripted certificate on standards for material testing, characterization and applications is offered. To fulfill the requirements for this certificate, the student must attend 6 different one-hour seminars, offered through the certificate program, on standards and standardization methods for material testing and characterization, and their appropriate usage in standard engineering design. In addition, the student must complete 12 credit from the following list of courses with a grade of "B" or better in each, along with a Senior Design Project that has significant components on standard (verified by the course instructor/project mentor), to fulfill the requirements for this certificate. 

GEEN 1201Engineering as a Career2
MEEN 3145Material Science Laboratory1
MEEN 3344Materials Science3
MEEN 3349Fundamentals of Mfg Processes3
MEEN 4263Mech Engr Design Proj I (WI)2
MEEN 4264Mech Eng Design Projects II2
MEEN 4382Polymer Science & Engineering3
MEEN 4385Manufacturing of Composites3
CEEN 3145Construction Materials Lab1
CEEN 3244Construction Materials2
CEEN/AEEN 3303Structural Analysis3
CEEN/AEEN 3304Reinforced Concrete Design3
CEEN 3311Strength of Materials3
CEEN/AEEN 4279Design in Civil Engineering I2
CEEN/AEEN 4289Design in Civil Engineering II2
CEEN/AEEN 4316Structural Steel Design (WI)3