Mechanical Engineering, B.S.

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Plan of Study Grid
Freshman Year
Semester 1Semester Credit Hours
CHEM 1311
CHEM 1111
Gen Inorganic Chemistry I
and Gen Inorganic Chem Lab I
ENGL 1301 Rhetoric and Composition 3
GEEN 1201 Engineering as a Career 3 2
MATH 2413 Calculus I 4
MEEN 1310 Engineering Graphics I 3
 Semester Credit Hours16
Semester 2
ENGL 1302 Rhetoric and Composition 3
HIST 1301 American History to 1877 3
MATH 2414 Calculus II 4
MEEN 1320 Elem Num Meth & Engr Prob Solv 3
PHYS 2325
PHYS 2125
University Physics I
and University Physics I Lab
 Semester Credit Hours17
Sophomore Year
Semester 1
CEEN 2301 Mechanics I 3
MATH 3320 Differential Equations 3
PHYS 2326
PHYS 2126
University Physics II
and University Physics II Lab
POLS 2301 Government and Politics of US 3
Creative Arts 3
 Semester Credit Hours16
Semester 2
CEEN 3311 Strength of Materials 3
MATH 3415 Calculus III 4
MEEN 2146 Engineering Measurements 1
MEEN 2302 Mechanics II Dynamics 3
MEEN 3145 Material Science Laboratory 1
MEEN 3344 Materials Science 3
Communications 1 3
 Semester Credit Hours18
Junior Year
Semester 1
MEEN 3347 Thermodynamics 3
MEEN 3349 Fundamentals of Mfg Processes 3
MEEN 3352 Kinematics of Machines 3
MEEN 3392 Fluid Mechanics 3
EEEN 3331 Circuits and Electrmag Devices 3
Lang/Phil/Culture 3
 Semester Credit Hours18
Semester 2
IEEN 3325 Engr Economic Analysis I 2 3
HIST 1302 American History since 1877 3
MEEN 3348 Heat Transfer 3
MEEN 3350 Machine Design I 3
MEEN 3360 Engineering Design & Sim 3
MEEN 4341 Appl of Thermodynamics 3
 Semester Credit Hours18
Senior Year
Semester 1
MEEN 4131 Mechanical Engineering Lab 1
MEEN 4263 Mech Engr Design Proj I (WI) 2
MEEN 4344 Control of Systems 3
MEEN 4351 Machine Design II 3
POLS 2302 Government and Politics of TX 3
Engineering Elective 3
 Semester Credit Hours15
Semester 2
MEEN 4264 Mech Eng Design Projects II 2
Social/Behavioral 3
Engineering Elective 3
Engineering Elective 3
MATH Elective 3
 Semester Credit Hours14
 Total Credit Hours Required: 132

A grade of "C" or better is required in any science, engineering, or mathematics course required for the Mechanical Engineering degree or for any other course that is a prerequisite to a required course. Any course assigned a grade below a "C" must be repeated before enrolling in any course for which it is a prerequisite.  

Engineering Electives

MEEN 3398Comp App in Nuclear Engr3
MEEN 4301Design of Aerospace Structures3
MEEN 4303Aerodynamics3
MEEN 4305Aerospace Flight Dynamics3
MEEN 4307Aerospace Systems Design3
MEEN 4317Internal Combustion Engines3
MEEN 4335Special Problems1-3
MEEN 4336Selected Topics1-3
MEEN 4343Dynamics of Systems3
MEEN 4345Engineering Vibrations3
MEEN 4346Computatnl Methods in Mech Eng3
MEEN 4347Hydraulics of Pipeline Systems3
MEEN 4348Gas Dynamics3
MEEN 4349Air Conditioning3
MEEN 4352Design of Turbomachinery3
MEEN 4354Intro to Finite Elem Method3
MEEN 4355Robotics I3
MEEN 4371Introduction to UAVs3
MEEN 4372Resource Optimization for DHS3
MEEN 4373Info Anal. & Mod. in Sec Eng3
MEEN 4382Polymer Science & Engineering3
MEEN 4385Manufacturing of Composites3
MEEN 4395Therm Hydr of Nuclear Reactors3
MEEN 4396Fund. of Nuclear Engineering3
MEEN 4397Intro to Nuclear Power Plants3
EVEN 3399Nuclear Environment Protection3
EEEN 4357Wireless Sensor Networks3
CSEN 4367Data Mining3

Math Electives

MATH 4341Linear Alg and Matrix Theory3
MATH 4370Vector Analysis3
MATH 4371Laplace Transformation3
MATH 4372Math for Physics and Eng I3
MATH 4373Application of Matrix Methods3
MATH 4374Numerical Analysis3
STAT 4303Statistical Methods3