Advanced Credit

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Texas A&M-Kingsville may award credits by examination toward a bachelor's degree provided that the scores meet established standards. We recognize that many students have gained relevant knowledge and experience which can be applied to an academic curriculum.  In all cases, students must have an official score report sent to Texas A&M-Kingsville for evaluation of credit. Information on policies and various testing options are below.

Entrance Examination Credit-Entering First-Time Freshmen

Credit will only be granted to first-time entering freshmen. Students who have college course work after high school graduation will only receive credit for entrance examinations if this credit is clearly indicated on the transcript from a previous college or university.

English Credit

Based on the scores listed below:

Math Credit

The following courses will be awarded for math credit:

  1. MATH 1314 - three semester hours will be awarded provided the student has satisfactorily completed three units or three years of high school mathematics including one unit or one year of algebra and one unit or one year of geometry.
  2. MATH 1316 - three semester hours will be awarded provided the student has completed the three units or three years of high school mathematics described in #1 (above) plus one-half unit or one-half year of high school trigonometry.
  3. MATH 1348 - three semester hours of credit will be awarded provided the student has completed the three units or three years of mathematics described in #1 (above) plus one unit or one year of high school precalculus.

Based on the scores listed below:

  • ACT based on the Math section:
    28 or above
  • SAT based on the Math section:
    620 or above

Credit by Advanced Placement (AP) Examination

Entering first-year students (those who have less than 12 transferrable semester credits taken after high school graduation) who have satisfactorily passed one or more of the AP Examinations of the College Board are eligible for university credit in appropriate courses.

The examinations may be taken at approved high school testing centers, usually in May, by arrangement with the College Board. Submission of examination scores and requests for credit in these courses should be directed to the Office of Admission. Credit in the following courses at this university may be gained through the AP Examinations:

Texas A&M-Kingsville Equivalent Subject Examinations Minimum Score
ARTS 1303, ARTS 1304 (6 Cr) Art-History 3
ARTS 1316 (3 Cr) Art-Studio Art: Drawing 3
ARTS 1311 (3 Cr) Art-Studio Art: Art 2-D 3
ARTS 1312 (3 Cr) Art-Studio Art: Art 3-D 3
BIOL 1306/BIOL 1106 (4 Cr) Biology 3
BIOL 1307/BIOL 1107(4 Cr) Biology 4
CHEM 1311 (3 Cr) Chemistry 3
CHEM 1312 (6 Cr) Chemistry 5
ECON 2301 (3 Cr) Economics-Macroeconomics 3
ECON 2302 (3 Cr) Economics-Microeconomics 3
ENGL 1301 (3 Cr) English-Language & Composition 3
ENGL 1302 (3 Cr) English-Language & Composition 4
FREN 1311 (3 Cr) French-French Language & Culture 3
FREN 1312 (3 Cr) French-French Language & Culture 4
FREN 2311, FREN 2312 (6 Cr) French-French Language & Culture 5
HIST 1301, HIST 1302 (6 Cr) History-United States History 3
MATH 2413 (4 Cr) Mathematics-Calculus AB 3
MATH 2414 (4 Cr) Mathematics-Calculus BC 3
MUSI 1316, MUSI 1317, MUSI 1116, MUSI 1117 (8 Cr) Music-Theory 3
PHYS 1301 (3 Cr) Physics 1 3
PHYS 1302 (3 Cr) Physics 2 3
PHYS 2325 (3 Cr) Physics C: Mechanics 3
PHYS 2326 (3 Cr) Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism 3
POLS 2301 (3 Cr) United States Government & Politics 3
PSYC 2301 (3 Cr) Psychology 3
SPAN 1313 (3 Cr) Spanish Language & Culture 3
SPAN 1314 (3 Cr) Spanish Language & Culture 4
SPAN 2311 (3 Cr) Spanish Language & Culture 5
STAT 1342 (3 Cr) Statistics 3

CLEP College Level Examination Program

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a national testing program of credit by examination by the College Board that offers the opportunity to obtain recognition for college level achievement. The CLEP is a computer-based exam and students will receive immediate score reports for all exams except English Composition with Essay. Credit by CLEP examination is available in the courses listed below to any Texas A&M University-Kingsville student at any time during their college career. The exception is that students will not be eligible for credit in a course for which they have received credit in a more advanced course unless otherwise designated by the chair of the department in which the subject is offered. Both general and subject examinations are offered through the Academic Testing Office. Information on time, examination fees and location for these tests may be obtained from the Academic Testing Office at 361-593-3303 or

Texas A&M-Kingsville Equivalent Subject Examinations Minimum Score
ACCT 2301 (3 Cr) Financial Accounting 50
BIOL 13061, BIOL 13071 (8 Cr) Biology 50
CHEM 13112, CHEM 13122 (6 Cr) Chemistry 50
ECON 2301 (3 Cr) Principles of Macroeconomics 50
HIST 1301 (3 Cr) History of the United States I 56
HIST 1302 (3 Cr) History of the United States II 57
MKTG 3324 (3 Cr) Principles of Marketing 50
MATH 2413 (4 Cr) Calculus 50
MATH 1314 (3 Cr) College Algebra 50
MATH 1334 (3 Cr) College Mathematics 50
MATH 1348 (3 Cr) Precalculus 50
MGMT 3322 (3 Cr) Principles of Management 50
POLS 2301 (3 Cr) American Government 63
PSYC 2301 (3 Cr) Intro Psychology 50
SOCI 1301 (3 Cr) Intro Sociology 50
SPAN 1313, SPAN 1314 (6 Cr) Spanish 50

Students must take BIOL 1106 and BIOL 1107 to receive lab credit.


Students must take CHEM 1111 and CHEM 1112 to receive lab credit.

Entrance Examination Credit – Transfer Students

Credit by examination secured through another college or university must be clearly indicated on the official transcript from that institution for credit to be accepted by Texas A&M-Kingsville.

Credit by Local Examination (Departmental)

Local examinations are available to students for organized class courses not designated for credit by the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). The student should contact the department in which the course is offered for information about the examinations. Eligibility will be determined by the department and will be dependent on a student’s particular qualifications due to study or work experience. The department will also determine whether or not the student’s performance on the local examination merits university credit and whether any further requirements for credit are to be met. Students may not receive credit by local examination in a subject in which they have already received a grade in the same course or in a more advanced course. No fee is charged for these examinations.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program Credit Policy

Texas A&M University-Kingsville will grant a minimum of 24 undergraduate credit hours or equivalent course credit in appropriate subject areas to an entering first-year student who has successfully completed the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program with a minimum test score of four on each examination administered as part of the diploma program. If a student receives a score of less than four on an examination, he/she may receive less than 24 credit hours as an IB Diploma student. Non-IB Diploma holders will be granted credit for IB exams with a score of five or higher based on the table below. The student must have the International Baccalaureate Organization submit to the Office of Admission the student’s Transcript of Grades for the credit to be assessed.

IB Exam Level TAMU-K Equivalency Credits Awarded
Anthropology SL or HL ANTH 2301 3
Chemistry SL CHEM 1311 3
Chemistry HL CHEM 1311, CHEM 1312 6
Computer Science SL or HL ISYS 1301 3
Economics SL or HL ECON 2301, ECON 2302 6
English A1 or A2 SL or HL ENGL 1301, ENGL 1302 6
History of the Americas SL or HL HIST 1301, HIST 1302 6
History: Other SL or HL elective credit to be determined by dept 6
Language: French A1, A2 or B SL or HL FREN 1311, FREN 1312 OR FREN 2311, FREN 2312 to be determined by dept 6
Language: Other A1, A2 or B SL or HL elective credit to be determined by dept 6
Language: Spanish A1, A2 or B SL or HL SPAN 1313, SPAN 1314 OR SPAN 2311, SPAN 2312 to be determined by dept 6
Mathematics SL MATH 1314 3
Mathematics HL MATH 1314, MATH 2413 7
Music SL or HL elective credit to be determined by dept 3
Philosophy SL or HL PHIL 1301 3
Physics SL PHYS 1301/PHYS 1101 4
Physics HL PHYS 1301/PHYS 1101, PHYS 1302/PHYS 1102 4
Psychology SL or HL PSYC 2301 3
Theater Arts SL or HL elective credit to be determined by dept 3
Visual Arts SL or HL elective credit to be determined by dept 3

 SL = Standard Level, HL = Higher Level