Miscellaneous Fees

Laboratory Fee

For each laboratory course a fee of $2 to $30 is charged depending upon cost of materials used in the course.

Kinesiology Fee

For each kinesiology service course, EDKN 1105 through EDKN 1149, the student will be charged a special fee of $4 for towel service. In specified courses, an additional fee may be charged.

Applied Music Fees

For personal lessons on keyboard, wind, string or percussion instrument or voice lessons, a fee of $75 per semester credit hour is charged.

Music Fees

Fee Amount
Marching Band members for two uniform cleanings $25 Fall semester

Visitor's Fee

The fee for visiting a course for a person other than a full-time student is the same as that required for registration for credit. A full-time student pays no additional fee for visiting a course.

Automobile Registration Fee

All persons who operate a vehicle on university property, regularly or occasionally, are required to register those vehicles with the University Police Department and to obtain a parking permit for a designated area or areas. All student vehicles operated on the university campus must be registered within one week after classes begin. No refunds will be issued after one week from the date classes begin. Detailed information on parking and traffic regulations, penalties for failing to register a vehicle and other traffic and parking violations, methods of obtaining refunds, procedures to follow when changing automobiles, location where vehicle may be parked and a specific breakdown of fees to be paid will be available at the time of registration.

Other Fees

Fee Amount
Reinstatement Fee $100
Late Payment Fee $35
Graduate (domestic) Application Fee $50
International Application Fee $75
R.O.T.C. Special Service Fee, Per Semester $5
Thesis-Binding Fee for extra copy $10.09

Fines and Breakage Loss

Students are expected to exercise reasonable care of university property; an assessment will be made for any deliberate misuse. Students must pay all fines before they can receive a transcripts of their credits or can register in the university. 

Student registered for courses in chemistry will be notified at the end of a semester of breakage or loss of equipment and will be required to pay the amount due at the Business Office.