The Javelina First Year Experience

First-Year Seminar

The Texas A&M University-Kingsville First-Year Seminar prepares first-year students to succeed academically and professionally. The course brings students together in a unified learning community that not only facilitates their transition into college, but gives them the tools necessary to work efficiently toward graduation and on to their chosen career path. It utilizes active-learning strategies to train the students how to organize and recall crucial information, apply that knowledge toward success in the classroom, and grow into engaged citizens who are capable of achieving significant long-term goals. While building professional relationships with faculty and fellow students, new freshmen will critically think, read, discuss, and write about creative topics selected for the course. Opportunities are also provided to explore various campus resources and to develop knowledge of undergraduate research.

Javelina Read

Javelina Read is a program for incoming freshmen, but is also promoted throughout the broader campus community. Each year a new book is selected by the Javelina Common Read Committee, which is comprised of faculty, staff, students, and community members. Once selected, people throughout the campus community are encouraged to read the book, to create a vibrant culture of reading on campus.  Incoming freshmen will read the book and utilize it throughout their experience in UNIV 1201.