Environmental Engineering, B.S.

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Plan of Study Grid
Freshman Year
Semester 1Semester Credit Hours
CHEM 1311
CHEM 1111
Gen Inorganic Chemistry I
and Gen Inorganic Chem Lab I
ENGL 1301 Rhetoric and Composition 3
HIST 1301 American History to 1877 3
MATH 2413 Calculus I 4
GEEN 1201 Engineering as a Career 1 2
 Semester Credit Hours16
Semester 2
AEEN 1310
Computr Graphics and Applicatn
or Engineering Graphics I
ENGL 1302 Rhetoric and Composition 3
MATH 2414 Calculus II 4
PHYS 2325
PHYS 2125
University Physics I
and University Physics I Lab
Lang/Phil/Culture 3
 Semester Credit Hours17
Sophomore Year
Semester 1
CHEM 1312
CHEM 1112
Gen Inorganic Chemistry II
and Gen Inorganic Chem Lab II
EVEN 2310 Intro to Environmntl Engineer 3
HIST 1302 American History since 1877 3
MEEN 2355 Statics and Dynamics 3
POLS 2301 Government and Politics of US 3
 Semester Credit Hours16
Semester 2
BIOL 1306 General Biology I 3
EVEN 2304 Computer Methods for EVEN 3
EVEN 2311 Env. Engr. Ethics & Policy 3
MATH 3320 Differential Equations 3
PHYS 2326
PHYS 2126
University Physics II
and University Physics II Lab
 Semester Credit Hours16
Junior Year
Semester 1
CHEM 3323
CHEM 3123
Organic Chemistry I
and Organic Chemistry Lab I
EVEN 3320 Chemical Principles for EVEN 3
EVEN 3321 Environmental Engineering Lab 3
POLS 2302 Government and Politics of TX 3
Communications 3
 Semester Credit Hours16
Semester 2
CEEN 3317 Engineering Economy 3
CEEN 3392 Hydraulic and Fluid Mechanics 3
Select 1 of the following: 3
Envir Eng in a Global Society 2
EVEN 3328 Environ Engi Process Fundamntl 3
MEEN 3347
or Chem Eng Thermodynamics I
Engineering Elective 3
 Semester Credit Hours18
Senior Year
Semester 1
EVEN 4102 Environ Engineering Design I 1
EVEN 4308 Wastewater Treatment 3
EVEN 4306 Solid & Hazard Waste Fundamntl 3
EVEN 4386 Air Pollution Control 3
STAT 4303 Statistical Methods 3
Creative arts 3
 Semester Credit Hours16
Semester 2
EVEN 4105 Engineering Management 1
EVEN 4303 Environ Engr Design II (WI) 3
EVEN 4304 Water Res. & Adv. Comp. Meth. 3
GEOL 4425
or Principles of Soil Science
Engineering Elective 3
 Semester Credit Hours14
 Total Credit Hours Required: 129

Engineering Electives

Choose 6 hours from one of the following focus areas:

AEEN 33203
AEEN 3335Environmntal Sys for Buildings3
AEEN 3346Thermal Analysis3
AEEN 3350Facility Management3
CEEN 3311Strength of Materials3
CEEN 4350Professional Preparation3
CEEN 4362Hydrology3
CEEN 4364Dsgn Wtr and Wstwrt Convey Sys3
CEEN 4367Intro to Geoenviron Enginrng3
CHEN 3321Process Simulation3
CHEN 4311Biochemical Engineering3
CHEN 4373Chemical Reactor Engineering3
CHEN 4389Mass Transport Phenomena3
CHEN 4392Process Dynamics and Control3
EEEN 3331Circuits and Electrmag Devices3
EEEN 4357Wireless Sensor Networks3
EVEN 3336Environmental Microbiology3
EVEN 3399Nuclear Environment Protection3
EVEN 4336Selected Topics1-3
EVEN 4399Internship in Env. Engineering 21-3
ITEN 3336Industrial Hygiene I3
ITEN 3338Industrial Hygiene II3
ITEN 4332Hazardous Waste and Fire Safe3
MEEN 3344Materials Science3
MEEN 3398Comp App in Nuclear Engr3
MEEN 4317Internal Combustion Engines3
MEEN 4347Hydraulics of Pipeline Systems3
MEEN 4354Intro to Finite Elem Method3
MEEN 4396Fund. of Nuclear Engineering3
MEEN 4397Intro to Nuclear Power Plants3
NGEN 3322Fund of Reservoir Engineering3
NGEN 3393Natural Gas Drilling Engg3
NGEN 4375Natural Gas Transmn Distrib3
NGEN 4383Natural Gas Processes3
NGEN 4478Hydrocarbon Measurement4

Pre-Engineering Student and Alternate Pre-Engineering students are required to take UNIV 1201 instead of GEEN 1201.


EVEN 4399 – Internship in Environmental Engineering can be used as an Engineering Elective if approved by the department.