Writing, Minor

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A Writing minor consists of 18 semester hours of writing courses, 6 of which must be advanced. These must include:

ENGL 4310Introd to Linguistics3
or ENGL 4311 English Grammar and Usage
Select 15 hours of the following15
Intro Creative Writing
Technical Writing
Professional Communication
Special Topics in Writing
Advanced Composition
Histories of Rhetoric
Professional Writing Style
Creative Writing & Publication
Advanced Creative Writing
Internship in Writing
Social Class and Language
3 of the 15 hours may be from the following:
Any single course officially designated Writing Intensive (WI) from Language & Literature or other department

New courses created from the listed Topics courses shall also be options. English majors may not count any course towards both major and minor requirements. Note: With approval of Language and Literature Chair, 3 semester hours may be from 3000 or 4000 level courses offered in departments outside Language and Literature. Consult with Language and Literature Chair for course selection.