International Studies, Minor

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Nirmal Goswami, Director
Rhode Hall Room 339

International Studies will enable students to add an international component to their major field of study and expose them to a variety of disciplines and to international applications of their field of study. 

International Studies, Interdisciplinary Minor

An interdisciplinary minor in International Studies requires 18 hours not counted for the student's major, with at least 12 hours at the advanced level, distributed as follows:

Select 1 of the following:3
World History to 1500
World History since 1500
Introd to Political Science
World Politics
Spanish for Heritage Speakers
Select 1 of the following:3
Phy Geog Climate and Mankind
Intro to Geographic Info Sys
Environmental Geography
Topics in World Literature
Survey of Span Pen Lit (WI)
Survey of Spanish Amer Lit
Hispanic Culture
Topics in Span Literature
Select 1 of the following:3
Folk Medicine
Latin American Culture
Art History I
Art History II
Pluralistic Society
Elective 16
Study abroad, other approved foreign experience or research project with an international focus or theme3
Total Semester Credit Hours18

An elective approved by the Director of International Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences.