Biomedical Sciences Pre-Professional Option, B.S.

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Plan of Study Grid
Freshman Year
Semester 1Semester Credit Hours
BIOL 1306
BIOL 1106
General Biology I
and General Biology Laboratory I
CHEM 1311
CHEM 1111
Gen Inorganic Chemistry I
and Gen Inorganic Chem Lab I
ENGL 1301 Rhetoric and Composition 3
MATH 2413 Calculus I 4
UNIV 1201 Learning in Global Context 2
 Semester Credit Hours17
Semester 2
BIOL 1307
BIOL 1107
General Biology II
and General Biology Laboratory II
CHEM 1312
CHEM 1112
Gen Inorganic Chemistry II
and Gen Inorganic Chem Lab II
ENGL 1302 Rhetoric and Composition 3
Creative arts 3
 Semester Credit Hours14
Sophomore Year
Semester 1
BIOL 2421 Elementary Microbiology 4
HIST 1301 American History to 1877 3
PHYS 1301
PHYS 1101
College Physics I
and Coll Physics I Laboratory
POLS 2301 Government and Politics of US 3
Communications 3
 Semester Credit Hours17
Semester 2
HIST 1302 American History since 1877 3
PHYS 1302
PHYS 1102
College Physics II
and College Physics II Lab
POLS 2302 Government and Politics of TX 3
Lang/Phil/Culture 3
Social/Behavioral 3
 Semester Credit Hours16
Junior Year
Semester 1
BIOL 3402 Genetics 4
BIOL 3408 Animal Physiology 4
CHEM 3323
CHEM 3123
Organic Chemistry I
and Organic Chemistry Lab I
Minor or elective 3
 Semester Credit Hours15
Semester 2
BIOL 4401 Molecular Biology 4
CHEM 3325
CHEM 3125
Organic Chemistry II
and Organic Chemistry Lab II
STAT 4301 Biostatistics 3
Minor or elective 3
 Semester Credit Hours14
Senior Year
Semester 1
BIOL 4426 Cellular Physiology 4
BIOL 4102 Seminar (WI) 1
BIOL, adv. 1 3
Electives, adv. 4
Minor, adv. 2 3
 Semester Credit Hours15
Semester 2
BIOL 4335 Molecular Genetics 3
BIOL, adv. 1 3
Electives, adv. 3
Minor, adv. 2 3
 Semester Credit Hours12
 Total Credit Hours Required: 120

Approved Biomedical Sciences Electives

BIOL 2401Human Anatomy and Physiol4
BIOL 2402Human Anat and Physiology II4
BIOL 31121
BIOL 3301Evolutionary Theory3
BIOL 3407Ecology4
BIOL 4304Research Projects in Biol3
BIOL 4332Pathophysiology3
BIOL 4334Molecular Neurobiology3
BIOL 4355Topics in Biology (Approved topics are: Epigenetics, Immunology, Genetics of Human Disease, Systems Neurobiology, Ecology and Human Disease or Understanding Human Physiology)3
BIOL 4402Vertebrate Embryology4
BIOL 4406Bacteriology4
BIOL 4408Immunology4
BIOL 4410Topics in Biology (Approved topics are: Forensic Science, Advanced Forensic Science, Ecology of Human Disease, Functional Neuroanatomy or Human Ecology and Health)4
BIOL 4430Parasitology4
BIOL 4433Histology4
Total Semester Credit Hours52

Organismal Biology Courses not Suitable for Biomedical Electives

BIOL 33753
BIOL 3401Invertebrate Zoology4
BIOL 3403Plant Taxonomy4
BIOL 3405Vertebrate Zoology4
BIOL 3409Field Biology I4
BIOL 4413Nonflowering Plants4
BIOL 4425Ornithology4
BIOL 4427Herpetology4
BIOL 4429Mammalogy4
BIOL 4431Ichthyology4
BIOL 4355Topics in Biology (Special Topics: Tropical Ecology, Tropical Bid. Field Tech.)3
BIOL 4410Topics in Biology (Special Topics: Marine Ecology, Marine Biology)4
Total Semester Credit Hours46

New courses will be reviewed and approved by the department Biomedical Curriculum Committee.