The university has a computer-assisted registration system. This system allows a student who registers early priority in course selection and class schedule. It is designed to provide individual academic advising between faculty and student. This gives students an opportunity to review their academic programs and select the specific sections of the courses desired for the next semester. For specific dates and information on registration, the student should consult the university website.

Normal Course Load

A full-time graduate student is one registered for 9 semester credit hours in a fall or spring semester, 3 hours in each summer term or 6 semester credit hours during a ten-week summer semester. No graduate student may enroll in more than 15 hours (five academic courses) during the fall or spring semester or 6 hours (two academic courses) each summer term. No graduate student may enroll in more than 12 credit hours during the Summer term (Summer I, Summer II, Summer 10 Week sessions combined).

A graduate student taking 9 hours of course work during long semesters will be classified as a full-time student, for academic purposes. If a student finishes all required course work and is only registered for 3 credits of research project, thesis or dissertation, the student may be considered full-time. For financial aid purposes, a student may maintain full-time status by registering for additional graduate courses as needed. Please visit a financial aid officer for financial aid questions.

Credit by Examination

Credit by examination for graduate courses may be available to students for organized graduate courses. The graduate student should contact the department in which the course is offered for information about the examinations. Eligibility will be determined by the department and will be dependent on a student’s particular qualifications due to study or work experience. Through a documented evaluation, the department will determine that enough knowledge has been gained in all topics covered by the organized graduate course and whether any further requirements for credit are to be met. The department recommendation and evaluation documents will be sent to the graduate college for final approval. Students may not receive credit by local examination for more than 9 credits hours in any graduate degree without written approval of the Graduate Dean. Students must be currently enrolled in a degree program and be in good academic standing. There is no fee charged for these examinations.

Schedule Changes

Dropping a Course

Effective 2014 Fall Semester, the student will be required to get his/her program coordinator's signature on the course Add/Drop form before the form will be processed. This is not for an approval but will indicate the student has consulted with his/her coordinator before dropping a course because of the impact on financial aid, graduation, etc. All student athletes must also have approval from the athletic adviser to insure eligibility requirements. After the online enrollment system is closed, it is the student's responsibility to submit the Add/Drop form to the Office of the Registrar in order to have it processed on or before the deadline date. (Refer to the University Academic Calendar 

Effective 2014 Summer Term, the New Drop/Withdraw Policy does not allow a course to be dropped after the deadline date (see the academic calendar for specific date of the semester/term). This policy includes student initiated drops and drops for non-attendance by faculty. 

A student who, by dropping a course, becomes registered for less than a normal load will be reclassified as a part-time student. 

If a student drops the only course for which enrolled, the student must follow the process for withdrawing from the university as stated below. 

Adding a Course

A course may be added by a student using the on-line registration system without approval of university officials, as long as departmental approval is not required. (See regulation for “Normal Load.”) It is highly recommended that a student consult with his/her academic adviser before attempting to add a course. After the on-line registration system is closed, written permission is required from the academic adviser and professor (of the course being added) to add the course. These requests must be processed by the Office of the Registrar. The student may only add classes during the time specified in the official academic calendar.

Withdrawal from the University

If a student finds it necessary to withdraw during the session, the student must notify the Office of the Registrar and process a withdrawal form. If the withdrawal is before the midsemester point, the student will receive an automatic grade of Q in each course. If the withdrawal is after the midsemester point, the student will receive a grade of Q or F, depending on whether the student is passing or failing at the time of the withdrawal. If the student abandons the courses registered for without officially withdrawing, the student will receive a grade of F in each course, regardless of the time the student ceased to attend classes. (See also regulations entitled "Refund of Fees.")

Withdrawal of Students Ordered to Military Active Duty

If a current student is called to active duty, the student has several options for enrolled courses. The student must provide a copy of military orders to receive one of the following:

  1. full refund of tuition and fees paid by the student for the semester in which the student withdraws;
  2. with instructor approval, incomplete grade(s) for the semester in which the student withdraws; or
  3. with instructor approval, assignment of an appropriate final grade(s) or credit(s).

Upon the student’s request, pre-registered classes will be dropped. If the student returns prior to the beginning of a semester he/she will be reinstated into this institution.

Visiting a Course (Auditing a Course)

Any person may request permission of the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs to visit a course. Individual instruction courses are not open to visitors. Visitors do not have the privilege of submitting papers, taking part in class discussions or participating in laboratory or field work. Visitors pay fees according to the published credit hour fee schedule, except that no additional fee will be required of a full-time student. A visitor's name will not be entered on the class rolls or permanent records. The notice of approval of a request to visit a course, properly receipted after fees are paid, will serve as a permit to attend a class.