Military Science, Minor

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A student may pursue an interdisciplinary minor in Military Science. Courses for a total of 18 semester hours should be selected in consultation with the Professor of Military Science.

Lower Division Military Science Curriculum

Lower division courses provide an opportunity for students to satisfy their curiosity about the U.S. Army by exploring their own interests and aptitudes in courses which carry no obligation for further study and no obligation for military service.

ROTC 12112
ROTC 1305Leadership and Development3
ROTC 1306Intro Tactical Leadership3
ROTC 2305Innovative Team Leadership3
ROTC 2306Found of Tactical Leadership3

Upper Division Military Science Curriculum

The Advanced Military Science Program at Texas A&M University-Kingsville allows qualified students to earn a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the active Army, the Army Reserve or the National Guard. These courses also allow the first opportunity for most college students to make a formal and personal commitment to the preservation of the values embodied in the Constitution of the United States. For enrollment in upper level military science courses the student must meet these prerequisites:

  1. be enrolled as a full-time student (12 semester hours minimum for an undergraduate).
  2. be of good moral character as evidenced in the community and the university.
  3. have approximately two academic years remaining toward a baccalaureate degree or advanced degree (the requirement may be waived) and a minimum GPA of 2.0.
  4. meet medical fitness requirements as prescribed by U.S. Army regulations.
  5. either:
    1. satisfactorily complete the following:
      Leadership and Development
      Intro Tactical Leadership
      Innovative Team Leadership
      Found of Tactical Leadership
    2. possess qualification through any JROTC program (full or partial qualification depending upon participation);
    3. satisfactorily complete the six-week summer basic camp at Fort Knox, Kentucky;
    4. qualify through enlistment in the National Guard or Army Reserve (after successful completion of basic training); or
    5. honorably complete enlisted service with a favorable reenlistment code, or have at least 60 semester hours and agree to attend the six-week summer basic camp at Fort Knox, Kentucky, the summer following enrollment in upper-level military science courses.

Qualified enrollment in upper division military science courses entitles each cadet to a tax-free monthly subsistence allowance for 10 months per year for two years.

ROTC 3305Adaptive Tactical Leadership3
ROTC 3306Leaders in Changing Environmnt3
ROTC 3335American Military History3
ROTC 3405Internship in Military Sci4
ROTC 4105Advanced Military Science1-3
ROTC 4305Developing Adaptive Leaders3
ROTC 4306Leadership in a Complex World3