Nano Materials Science and Engineering, Certificate

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The undergraduate Nano Materials Science and Engineering Certificate is a 12-hours program open to all majors and professionals. This certificate will provide students the necessary skills to apply Nano Materials Science effectively in a variety of areas. Multiple Departments participate in the transcripted Nano Materials Science and Engineering certificate. See catalog section UNDERGRADUATE TRASNCRIPTED CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS OFFERED for participating departments.

In order to qualify for the certificate, students need to take four coursestwo required and two chosen from among electivesPrerequisites for various courses have to be met. Contact the specific department course instructor for information and advising concerning prerequisites.

Required Courses
CHEM 43133
or CHEM 4363
MEEN 3344Materials Science3
Elective Courses
Select at least 6 hours of the following:6
Matrix Methds and Struc Analys
CHEM 4312
Biochemical Engineering
ITEN 2320
Intro to VLSI Circuit Design
Material Science Laboratory
Special Problems
Chemical Seminar
Undergraduate Research (WI) 1
Senior Research (WI)
Any Topics/Special Programs courses with the College of Engineering 2
Total Semester Credit Hours12

Two hours of variable-hour research course CHEM 3385 or CHEM 4385. Choose three hours of the variable-hour research course, if taken without CHEM 4181.


Numbers 4335 (V1:3) or 4336 (V1:3) focused on research aspect of materials science.