Applied Arts and Sciences, B.A.A.S.

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The student must complete a baccalaureate degree plan (120 semester hours minimum) consisting of 36 residence hours, plus transfer credit.

  1. General Education and Electives (minimum 42 semester hours): The General Education component of 42 hours is made up of freshman and sophomore-level courses which meet each of the criteria identified by the university as important aspects of a general education as described under “General Requirements for Graduation with a Baccalaureate Degree” in an earlier section of this catalog.
  2. Area of Specialization (18-48 semester hours): Credits toward the area of specialization may be earned from junior or community colleges, vocational or technical schools, and armed forces schools whose work can be equated to vocational/technical schools. Courses will be transferred from these entities to TAMUK at the first-year (BAAS 1300) or second-year (BAAS 2300) level.
  3. Professional Development (30 semester hours): The courses taken in this area are to be chosen to provide academic depth and breadth to the area of specialization and, in addition, afford substantive developmental knowledge in the student's professional career goals. The component focuses on areas of learning directly related to upward mobility and further extends a student's knowledge, skill and expertise. The professional development sequence of 30 semester hours will be selected from human science, criminology, industrial management and technology, psychology, sociology or another approved professional area. The professional sequence will be tailored to each student's needs by structured counseling.
  4. Advanced Work: Within the above requirements, candidates for the B.A.A.S. degree must have a minimum of 36 semester hours of advance course work.

Students must meet all requirements associated with their course selections. For more information, contact the College of Arts and Sciences, (361) 593-2761.