Regular Admission

The Texas Education Code (TEC) 51.803-51.809 requires that all students meet one of the following college readiness standards in order to be eligible to be considered for admission to a Texas Four-Year Public Institution.

  1. Successfully complete the recommended or advanced high school program or complete the portion of the program that was available to them; or
  2. Successfully complete a curriculum that is equivalent in content and rigor to the recommended or advanced high school program at a high school that is exempt from offering such programs; or
  3. Satisfy the College Readiness Benchmarks on the ACT or SAT assessment.


  1. Students graduating in the top 10% of their high school class and completing a college preparatory high school program meet regular admission requirements. Top 10% students must also submit ACT or SAT scores to complete their admission file.
  2. Students completing the State of Texas Distinguished Level of Achievement Program, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, the Texas Recommended High School Program, the Texas Foundation High School Program with Endorsement(s) or a high school program of equivalent rigor meet the following criteria. (For information about transfer credit granted for IB Diploma holders, see the Transfer Credit section of this catalog.)

    Class Rank and Required Test Scores
    Class Rank SAT Total ACT Composite Score
    Top 10% No minimum required but must submit test scores No minimum required but must submit test scores
    11-25% - 1st Quarter 830 15
    26-50% - 2nd Quarter 910 17
    51-75% - 3rd Quarter 1030 20
    76-100% - 4th Quarter 1140 23

    Note: To be admitted as a first-year student to the Frank H. Dotterweich College of Engineering at Texas A&M University-Kingsville applicants are required to have a minimum composite score of 21 on the ACT (with a minimum mathematics score of 22) or a 1050 on the SAT (with a minimum math score of 560). Applicants whose test scores fall below the minimum scores for full admission to the College of Engineering but have an 18 or above on the ACT (with a mathematics score of 19 or above) or an 890 on the SAT (with a minimum math score of 530) will be admitted to the Pre-Engineering (PPEN) program in order to complete preparatory coursework. Students who do not meet either of these requirements may be admitted to the Alternate Pre-Engineering (APEN) program.
  3. Students who do not complete a college preparatory high school program may also gain regular admission if they satisfy the ACT’s College Readiness Benchmarks on the ACT assessment or satisfy the College Readiness Benchmark on the SAT assessment.
    ACT College Readiness Benchmarks
    Subject Score
    English 18
    Math 22
    Reading 22
    Science 22

    New SAT College Readiness Benchmarks
    Subject Score
    ERW1 480
    Math 530

Bacterial Meningitis (Senate Bill 1107)

Beginning January 1, 2012 in accordance with Texas Senate Bill 1107 (SB 1107), it is required that all new students, transfer students and returning students (who have had a fall or spring semester break in their attendance at an institution of higher education) provide proof of a bacterial meningitis vaccination or booster 10 days prior to the first class day of the entering semester. Without the evidence of vaccination, a student cannot attend classes on campus.

Students who do not provide the evidence of vaccination will not be allowed to attend classes and will be dropped from all classes on the first class day.

For more information, students and families may contact the Student Health & Wellness Health Care Clinic at (361) 593-2904.

Other Immunization

It is recommended that students entering Texas A&M University-Kingsville be vaccinated prior to enrollment and that preventive vaccinations be taken when required.

The following vaccinations are recommended:

  • Two (2) doses MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine
  • Tetanus-Diphtheria booster within the past 10 years
  • Polio (if under the age of 18)
  • Tuberculosis (TB) skin test, (within one year prior to enrollment)
  • Hepatitis A vaccine
  • Hepatitis B vaccine

Immunization records should be sent to Health Care Clinic at:

Texas A&M University-Kingsville, MSC 112
Kingsville, TX 78363

Questions regarding these vaccinations should be addressed to student Health Care Clinic at 361-593-2904, a family physician, the county health department or the Immunization Division of the Texas Department of Health.

Please refer to the University website to check for any changes or updates to the previous information.